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Szymon Jednac

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Szymon Jednac

I’m a software engineer from Sopot, Poland.

My journey with computers started around 1999, when I got my first programming book, and began playing with Linux at the same time. I got hooked and a few years later received a master’s degree in Computer Science from Gdansk University of Technology.

Professionally, I’ve been working on various commercial projects for 10+ years now. I enjoy switching business domains and technologies, as it keeps things interesting. Some industry highlights include: mobile advertisement, online travel, insurance, education, e-commerce and - most recently - process engineering for the chemical industry.

For the past few years I’ve been in various tech lead roles, including several highly distributed, remote-first engineering teams. We usually work in an Agile process, which emphasises transparency and open communication in all aspects of our daily routine.

My day-to-day work involves a mix of application development, operations and organisational activities. In all those aspects of work, I believe that a synergy of soft and technical skills is essential for any project’s success.

To find out more about my projects and my skills, check out my LinkedIn profile and my open source contributions on GitHub.